"My guitar is not a thing. It’s an extension of myself. It is who I am.”
–Joan Jett


Strum your heart out with this classic

The guitar is an incredibly popular instrument that can be played in a variety of ways.
At Amarillo we offer lessons for:

Classical guitar

Acoustic guitar

Plectrum guitar

Lap steel guitar

Bass guitar

Electric guitar

Duration : 45 Minutes
Frequency: Once a week
Fee : Rs 8,000/- per month

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

    1. Fees will be applicable to a calendar month and should be paid on the day of the first lesson of every month
    2. Payments for individual lessons will not be accepted.
    3. Four lessons will be given on the scheduled days for each month..
    4. Where there are 5 scheduled days in a month, classes will not be held on the 5th day.
    5. If a student cannot attend a class, the school should be informed.
    6. In the event of a missed class, the student is entitled to one extra lesson per month, only if 24 hours prior notice had been given.
    7. If you miss a rescheduled class, another will not be given in lieu of that.
    8. If a student is unable to attend lessons for a long period of time, and wishes to retain his/her time slot, the monthly fees should continue to be paid.
    9. If a student is absent for two weeks, and the current months fees have not been paid, the time slot will not be reserved.
    10. Students must bring their attendance cards with them and he/she must ascertain that the card is marked by the teacher after each lesson.
    11. Students should be on time for their lessons. If a student is late, they will be able to take their class only for the remaining time.
    12. Payments made for a particular month cannot be carried forward to the next month.
    13. All payments made to the Amarillo Academy of Music will be non-refundable.

Guitar Instructors

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